Cleaning Urine From Carpet Potty Training


  1. Clean pet urine stains
  2. . 2.apply distilled
  3. Blot withpapertowel. spray
  4. Carpet cleaner. wipe

Dec 11, 2018  · Fill a cup with lukewarm water and spill it on the area that has your child’s urine. This will dilute the urine and also make it easier to soak it up if it is already dry. Place a thick towel over the wet carpet and apply pressure by stepping firmly on it or using your hands while applying most of your body weight as you do so.

Mar 25, 2021  · 5 Steps to clean pet urine stains from Carpet and Rugs. 1.Soak Up the Urine. Using a thick layer of paper towel, blot the stain to remove as much moisture as possible. 2.apply distilled White Vinegar and Water. 3.Let It Sit. 4.Ensure That All Odors Are Gone. 5.Vacuum.

I usually blot withpapertowel. spray a little carpet cleaner. wipe with water to make sure cleaner is out. Haven’t had much pee on the carpet but the two times it worked well.